BIO # 1

Dirty Dead is a Grateful Dead / Jerry Garcia Band tribute band from Asheville, NC.  The group creates fresh, new versions of the classic Dead tunes.  Bringing in funk, reggae, hard rock, country, jazz flute and almost anything new and different, DD causes a ruckus with their new sound.  

Yet their roots to the music that Jerry and the Dead fostered is palpable.  Dirty Dead's performances strive for the same energy of improvisation to 'bring out their dead' vibe. 

The band is becoming known for its open, GD family vibe.  They frequently welcome awesome talent to the stage to join the band for their epic sets.  Since their first performance in September of 2016, the group has built a strong following. 

Dirty Dead have performed at numerous festivals as well as great regional venues:  Soulshine Music Festival, Highland Brewing Company, Altamont Theater, The One Stop, Ambrose West, Chico Feo, Upcountry Brewing, One World Brewing and The Bywater.  They also enjoy performing in intimate venues like The Town Pump, The Root Bar, Burger Bar and Spring Creek Tavern in Hot Springs NC.


BIO # 2 Expanded

Asheville NC's DIRTY DEAD are literally on fire. With high-energy, modern interpretations of the classic GD/JGB catalog, DIRTY DEAD are calling the music higher and further than in a long time! With an eclectic mix of players from various styles of music -- as the Grateful Dead were --something new, fresh and exciting is happening. Psychedelia, reggae, funk and hip-hop in a Grateful Dead song? OK, got to see this!

THE SOUND grew out of guitarist / flautist PAUL DRUM DECIRCE's feeling the urge for the Dead sound to evolve further -- further than trying to imitate or even emulate the great bands accomplishments. GRATEFUL DEAD played at the foot of the pyramids and JERRY GARCIA rocked for thirty years ... no need to try and copy that. INSTEAD, the band simply lead their individual styles to a mash up...and the result quite simply is ... DIRTY!

FUN, HI-ENERGY interpretations are the result and since their first gig in September of '16, DD fans have been supporting and pushing this unique sound. DIRTY DEAD was formed by PAUL DRUM DECIRCE, a well known flautist/guitarist in the WNC music scene. Paul has been called "the pied piper of Asheville" (Mountain Xpress), and was the founding member of PEACE JONES. He has worked extensively with THE SCREAMING J'S, YESS-I, JARVIS JENKINS and many others.

On the guitar and mandolin beside him is JOHN HUMPHRIES. On keyboards is BRYAN SOLLEVELD  On bass is ERIC SWANSON. On drums are a rotating cast of awesome local drummers. COME GET DIRTY with us at our next show! Meet the band, hear samples, shop merch and more at

INDIVIDUAL BIOS:  under construction

PAUL DeCIRCE :  Lead Vocals, Guitars, Flute, Harmonica, Melodica, Percussion

Born: March 2, 1972, Syracuse NY

First Asheville NC show: May 2000, Hot Gravy (drums) at Be Here Now.

Associated Acts: Paul I Tosh & The Reggae Rebels, Dirty Dawg, Tao Jones, Peace Jones, Jarvis Jenkins Band, Pied Pisces

Paul is a songwriter, band-leader and multi-instrumentalist who has worked in Western NC region for 20 years.   Paul became known regionally around 2007 with his original band PEACE JONES, which enjoyed regional radio and festival promotion.  The group disbanded after ten years in 2014.  During the next few seasons, Paul became a common site as a side-man on flute for various local bands, and then made his debut as founder and front-man in DIRTY DEAD in September of 2016.

Paul was primarily a drummer during the late 90's into the early 00's.  Peace Jones debut in '04 was his first time on guitar and flute as a bandleader.  Paul has worked and played in the Upstate NY music scene as well as his long time in Asheville and WNC.  Paul is noted for his multi-instrumental abilities.  He plays flute, guitar, drumset, sings and also plays a variety of sundry instruments like the harmonica, melodica and percussion.  He once soloed with a band at LEAF using a kazoo and a brown paper bag.  

His recording output includes a solo CD, 3 Peace Jones releases and has been guest to many local musicians as a session and live flautist, including Dreads for Brains, Jen and the Juice, Screaming J's, Marcus King Band, Uncle John's Band and more.  His love for Garcia and the Dead brought him to the fore as Dirty Dead's wild-eyed leader.  Local press has coined him "The pied piper of Asheville."

BRYAN SOLLEVELDPiano, keyboards, backup Vocals.

BORN: August 20, 1981 in Hartford CT.

Joined Dirty Dead in February of 2019.

From Nashville TN.  Keyboards and vocals. Bryan also plays with JARVIS JENKINS BAND, JLAD, INFAMOUS MOCKINGBIRDS, etc.  Bryan is from Nashville, TN and has played with a number of acts including a Fusion/Funk act THEOCAS for 6 years and WRANGLER SPACE, a Widespread Panic cover band from Nashville.  Also has has a number of studio credits to his name. Bryan enjoys music from a wide range of acts from the Rolling Stones to the Grateful Dead.

ERIC SWANSON:  Bass Guitar, Occasional Keyboards, backup vocals

Joined:  Original member (keyboards) 9/2/16

Born:  March 9th, 1973 (Pisces), Plainfield NJ

First Asheville NC show:  Lions Lambano, Asheville Music Hall, 2015

Associated Acts:  Generous Electric, Swanny Bird, JLAD, Pied Pisces


Eric has been called many things, but never late for a gig.  “Swanny,” for one, and his food nickname “Cheese Steak,” was coined by John Humphries and Paul DeCirce both for his love of cheesesteaks as well as his cheesy-ness in a good way.  

In New Jersey, he cut his teeth on the Grateful Dead songbook in the band DRAGONS WITH MATCHES.  

Eric was one of the first musicians contacted by Paul DeCirce to audition for Dirty Dead, as far back as 2015, when Paul was first dreaming and scheming for manifesting the band.  Eric auditioned at his apartment in Asheville for Paul on his keyboards.  Paul immediately liked both Eric’s kind personality and his knowledge of Grateful Dead songs -- it quickly became obvious that he knew more of the songs than Paul did, making him a worthwhile candidate. 

Though it would be over a year before Dirty Dead played their first show, Eric became an early partner in the following months, and though it would be over a year before the band debuted, Eric and Paul worked together in a band called MONKEY JONES at a bar, playing classic rock covers throughout 2015.  Paul was the drummer for this band, and Eric was the bassist.  So here were the future guitarist and keyboardist, playing for another band on different instruments completely! 

When Dirty Dead was shifting personnel around December of 2017, Eric was called upon to do something that only one other player to do in the band’s first five years:  switch instruments!  Eric thus became the first player to play two roles in Dirty Dead as 2018 wound around, moving from keyboards to bass guitar.  This was due to Tim Robinson’s leaving the band and the subsequent addition of Bryan Solleveld on keyboards.  So, Tim left, Bryan joined and Eric eased over to the bass player position.  Suddenly, Dirty Dead had a new (old face!) bass player and keyboardist!  He's been onstage with THE PAPER CROWNS, RIYEN ROOTS, PHUNCLE SAM and more!




Paul DeCirce from Dirty Dead

Paul DeCirce from Dirty Dead